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Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism free essay sample

Judaism likewise doesn’t give a depiction of eternity. Hinduism is polytheistic, and the prophets of every religion are extraordinary. Hinduism can't follow to right back when it was made. It is a blend of every extraordinary conviction. It likewise has confidence in truth, genuineness, peacefulness, constancy and compensation. A few likenesses between these three are that Judaism and Buddhism both don’t stress life following death, the two of them don’t permit being mean to other people, and the two religions don’t get themselves into convincing to switch over to their religion. Judaism and Hinduism are indistinguishable in light of the fact that the two of them are old religions, both are monotheistic, and both have sacrosanct composition, Hinduism has Vedas and Judaism has Tanakh. Buddhism and Hinduism are comparable on the grounds that the two of them have confidence in karma, the two of them have faith in certain profound practices like contemplation and fixation, the two of them put stock in want is the reason for torment, the two of them began and developed in the Indian soil, the author of Buddhism was Hindu who got known as the Buddha. We will compose a custom paper test on Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism are altogether extraordinary and comparative from numerous points of view.

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The Evaluating a Website for Credibility Assignment

The Evaluating a Website for Credibility - Assignment Example Thus, understudies can utilize the web address http:/ journals/wellbeing/2015/03/16/393336901/immunization holes helped-fuel-disneyland-measles-spread to rapidly discover this site. This website’s space is fundamental and a standout amongst other approach to decide its validity of the webpage. Likewise, it assists analysts with learning the wellspring of this site rapidly. The article from the npr gives a nitty gritty conversation of the flare-up and spread of measles. The prime goal of this site is to illuminate the overall population of the significance of inoculation, which makes it instructive. Through the announcement, â€Å"...there is a defensive impact called group resistance that intrudes on the spread of the infection to powerless people† the site is idealistic that residents will notice to the counsel and grasp immunization. Furthermore, the site effectively passes the data since it is anything but difficult to explore. Straightforwardness and perceivability of the words utilized give guests simple time while perusing the data. Further, the site has an appealing picture that is joined by a composed portrayal of the pictures. The site additionally stacks momentarily thus spares time for the guests. Furthermore, the site proprietor gathers visitor’s geolocation information through their administrations for offering significant ad ministrations. The association claims all authority to utilize the visitor’s remarks to improve administration however it doesn't share specifically distinguishing data with the outsiders. Since it doesn't share individual data, the site has an incredible conviction that all is good and protection. In addition, this site is valid, and Americans and overall guests should confide in its data. Carder (2013) says that a trustworthy ought to have a creator from a perceived foundation. George Freylandov has composed this site page, and he is related with the National Public Radio association. What's more,

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Khan Academy

Our new, free, educational program, Khan Academy Kids, is designed to inspire young children to become learners for life. The app seamlessly intertwines animation and puppetry from Super Simple Songs ® with interactive, educational activities covering early literacy, math, language arts, creative thinking, and social-emotional skills.  Khan Academy is thrilled to partner with Skyship Entertainmentâ„¢, the creator of the beloved Super Simple Songs.  â€œWe are excited to collaborate with Skyship because of our shared commitment to making sure children everywhere have access to a quality education,” said Caroline Hu Flexer, head of Khan Academy Kids.  Skyship Entertainment was started by two teachers who had the idea of combining favorite children’s songs with learning. “Our focus has always been making learning simple and fun, so we’re thrilled for Super Simple Songs to be part of Khan Academy Kids,” said Skyship Entertainment cofounder Troy McDonald. “We can’t think o f any organization more passionate about education than Khan Academy.” Super Simple Song’s beloved children’s classics are integrated into a wide range of educational activities in Khan Academy Kids to create a unique learning experience. Below are examples of what kids and parents can expect to see in the app:Practice adding and subtracting with “Five Little Ducks”.Strengthen foundational reading skills and rhyming with “Five Speckled Frogs”.Khan Academy Kids is available now in the App Store and in beta for Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Two years ago, Khan Academy started a pilot program with Long Beach Unified School District in Long Beach, California, to explore how to work with teachers and unlock student potential. Bolstered by the pilot’s success, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of Khan Academy Districts, a landmark new offering for school districts across the country.In addition to Long Beach Unified, Compton Unified School District and Madera Unified School District in California and Seminole County Public Schools in Florida will use Khan Academy Districts this school year.  Khan Academy and Long Beach Unified conducted a joint correlational study in the 2017-2018 school year of more than 5,000 students. Research shows:Teaching with Khan Academy for one class period per week for at least 30 minutes was associated with students gaining an additional 22 points on the state mathematics assessment.Long Beach Unified reported students who used Khan Academy gained twice the district average on the st ate assessment.Findings held true regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, family income, or English language learner status.Long Beach Unified is the third largest school district in California and serves one of the most diverse cities in the United States.We hope that Khan Academy Districts will give teachers across the United States the tools to deliver meaningful learning gains for every student in their classrooms. We’re proud to partner with districts to unlock student potential, with a focus on underserved populations.Khan Academy Districts provides tools, professional development, and data insights to help teachers, district administrators, and principals drive student achievement district wide. District leaders gain insights into student progress via reports on usage and impact. Students have access to materials at a level just right for them. Additionally, teachers receive year-round, wrap-around support.  Khan Academy Districts is available for school districts everywhere for the 2020-2021 school year. Interested districts can learn more here.  Onwards!

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Globalization And The Rise Of Globalization - 1087 Words

There is controversy over when globalization began because there is no crystal clear start to globalization. Some people believe that globalization started when the Buddhist leader Chandragupta combined aspects of trade, religion, and military to create a protected trading area. Others believe that globalization began under Genghis Khan’s rule. The Mongolian warrior-ruler created an empire that had trade integrated into it. There are also some experts that believe that the rise of globalization was linked to 1492, the year Christopher Columbus made his first trip to the New World. 2. Phases/Rounds: Explanation: First Round In this phase, ideas, knowledge, and goods are exchanged through trading and encounters. The Arabs were one of the first people that transferred and exchanged their knowledge of the world (medicine, mathematics, and sciences) with the Europeans. Second Round (â€Å"Historical Globalization†) The second round began in the 1400s, when technology enabled more opportunities. The growth of globalization was also immensely linked to imperialism since the capture of one country led to exploration of the ideas and cultures, and trading within said country. Third Round (â€Å"Contemporary Globalization†) The modern world is in the third phase, which occurred post-World War II. Globalization shifted from the second phase into third because of instant communications and rapid growth of the world market. The key element that caused modern globalization according to O’RoukeShow MoreRelatedGlobalization Is The Rise Of Global Economy818 Words   |  4 PagesGlobalization is a term that came into popular usage in the 1980 s to describe the increased movement of people, knowledge and ideas, and goods and money across national borders that has led to increased interconnectedness among the world s populations, economically, politically, socially and culturally. Although globalization is often thought of in economic terms (i.e., the global marketplace), this process has many social and political implications as well. Many in local communities associateRead MoreThe Rise Of Globalization And Commercial Nationalism978 Words   |  4 PagesConsuming The Consumer The rise of globalization has created a demand for consumable goods on a scale never before seen on Earth. For the first time in the history of the world, products can be sold and purchased by almost anyone, everywhere at anytime. This, coupled with the rise of â€Å"credit† purchasing throughout the industrialized world has granted buying power to even the lowest classes of the world’s population. Consumerism as it stands is not sustainable. Product Branding has the ability toRead MoreWith The Rise Of Globalization And The Complex Dynamics1624 Words   |  7 PagesWith the rise of globalization and the complex dynamics of the global business environments, organizations are tackling and forced to deal with large ethical issues on a daily basis. The ramifications for an organization that does not handle an ethical scenario efficiently and effectively could put the entire company and organization at dire risk. Organizations put their company brand and identity on the line with their everyday decisions and how they choose to operate themselves and their businessRead MoreGlobalization On The Rise Of The United States1445 Words   |  6 PagesWith globalization on the rise, many immigrants are migrating to America to follow the American dream; however, many xenophobes in America are against this. They promote hate crimes, therefore, the destruction of other races and religions that are not like their own. Recent rises in immigration to the United States has seemed to spark some hate crimes around the country; especially after the September 11th attacks occurring in 2001. Many people today still have a hard time accepting this movementRead MoreGlobalization And The Rise Of The Transnational Company2190 Words   |  9 PagesAdditionally, customers benefitted from these quarters because they knew where to locate certain goods or services and knowledge could be shared better amongst customers and businesses (Braun 2005). However in more recent histor y globalisation and the rise of the transnational company (TNC) have occurred. How to define TNCs is the subject of contention (Iyayi, F., 2002.). However, one fairly broad, but useful definition of them can be described as firms that control production in at least one foreignRead MoreHow the Concept of Diversity Rises with Globalization1285 Words   |  6 Pagesethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practice, and public assistance status (Etsy,et al. 1995). The idea of diversity emerged when globalisation came into the picture in 1990-91 (Bhatia, 2008). As globalization began to affect organisations, there was a coverage of workplace from diverse countries, cultures, values, and styles that presented tremendous opportunities as well as challenges (Bhatia, 2008). Organisations can have the ultimate lead in theRead MoreGlobal Inequality And Its Impact On The World s Population1429 Words   |  6 Pagesthe radically uneven distribution of income. When this problem extends to globalization, it is heavily ambiguous in terms of its long-term implications, socially and politically as well. When one explores the fascinating limits of globalization, it is possible to consider why many in the world’s population have various reservations about its real outreach on a worldwide scale. When considering the reach of globalization and its increasingly apparent correlation with income inequality at–large,Read MoreEssay on Globalization1 614 Words   |  6 Pagesand contested topic in today’s context. Globalization includes aspects like: economics, politics, ideas, knowledge, culture, society, environment, health, social etcetera. Though globalization can be traced back into time immemorial, but the extent and magnitude of present globalization is unprecedented. The integration and interdependence of globalization implies that today local event can have global impact and vice-versa. With the ongoing globalization process, it raises concerns about internationalRead MoreGlobalization And Sexuality1247 Words   |  5 PagesGlobalization may be defined as the process of opening up for interactions and relationships between people of different countries around the world. The people from the world can easily interact with each other leading to influence in behaviors and characters. Sexuality refers to how people relate to sexual activities or perceive sexual matters. Sexuality may differ from one culture to the other, but the cultures are likely to influence each other’s sexual beliefs and orientation. Globalization hasRead MoreOver the last couple of years, the world has become increasingly globalized. After the cold war,900 Words   |  4 Pagesprocess of globalization. The effect of globalization is uneven in different parts of the world and globalization suggests a world full of persistent cultural interaction and exchange, contacts and connection, mixture and movement. Different people view globalization in different ways. Some people feel it has done more good than harm, while others believe it has done more harm than good. This essay will give a deep intuitive understanding of globalization, world systems, and how globalization has affected

The Ipl Was Well Marketed Free Essays

The IPL was well marketed Not so humble origins: In 2008 the Board of Control for Cricket India, initiated the Indian Premier League (IPL) -a professional league for Twenty20 cricket format competition. But even before its start the IPL was in the news for its altercation between the Indian Cricket League (ICL) started by Subhash Chandra of Zee Telefilms Ltd. The BCCI used many tactics (including threatening players who joined ICL that they would not be picked up for national team, raising prize money, inviting celebrities†¦ to eventually crush the ICL format that had started almost a year before. We will write a custom essay sample on The Ipl Was Well Marketed or any similar topic only for you Order Now The constant confrontations between ICL and IPL were perennially in the top news in all the news channels. This along with the fact that it was cricket made sure that the Indian viewer was hooked. The IPL is currently contested by 10 teams consisting of players from around the world. Team Name| City| Owner(s)| Mumbai Indians| Mumbai| Mukesh Ambani (Owners of Reliance Industries)| Royal Challengers Bangalore| Bengaluru| Vijay Mallya (UB Group)| Hyderabad Deccan Chargers| Hyderabad| T. Venkatram Reddy (Deccan Chronicle) group| Chennai Super Kings| Chennai| India Cements| Delhi Daredevils| New Delhi| GMR Group| Kings XI Punjab| Mohali| Ness Wadia, Preity Zinta, Dabur, Apeejay Surendera Group| Kolkata Knight Riders| Kolkata| Red Chillies Entertainment| Rajasthan Royals| Jaipur| Emerging Media (Lachlan Murdoch), Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra| Pune Warriors India| Pune| Subrato Roy Sahara| Kochi Tuskers Kerala| Kochi| Kochi Cricket Private Ltd| The Marketing Cocktail: IPL marketing can be a lesson that no publicity is bad publicity. It was Integrated Marketing communication at its best, no channel no mode of communication was left: TV, newspaper, internet, mobiles, every communication was uniform in promoting IPL during its launch and its subsequent seasons. Following is what IPL did right and did differently: 1. The Twenty20 Format It was new, innovative and short (2. 5 hour). What was initially being thought of as a big gamble eventually paid out and many who thought it almost blasphemous to change the format of the â€Å"gentleman’s game† were finally forced to embrace the new format . It changed the feeling of cricket itself, made it fast paced, exciting and appealing. 2. Cricket + Entertainment= great combination There is no doubt that cricket is synonymous with entertainment when it comes to sports, however the IPL form of entertainment brought with it new elements such as Cheerleaders, star studded opening ceremony, loud party music between shots†¦ that made it lot more than just sports. IPL became synonymous with Glitz and glamour both on and off field, matches were even screened in movie halls 3. Celebrities Apart from the celebrity players, the owners and even the brand ambassadors of various teams were flamboyant and contributed to the secondary associations of IPL. There was no dearth of big names as one after the other all famous personalities were roped in to represent the teams. These include Anil Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Shilpa Shetty, Elizabeth Hurley, Abhishesk Bacchan, Rahul Bose, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Saina Nehwal, Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Daler Mehendi, Ila Arun, Juhi Chawla, Karan Johar, Arjun Rampal, Akshay Kumar. . IPL Player Auction Never in history of Indian television had such numbers been rolled out for public viewing. The auction format, wherein players were to be â€Å"auctioned† had considerable shock value for Indian viewers, but it also gave an indication of the big money that was involved in cricket and specially IPL. There was some negative publicity as well like when Saurav Ganguly was not sold off in the auction, but it just added to the ongoing publicity of IPL. Until 2010, IPL also had the Icon Player concept wherein one player in each team earned 15% more than the next highest player in the team. This concept was added as there were some players who if played in some other team would have caused huge disappointment to their fans, like if Sachin Tendulkar played for some other team than Mumbai Indians it wold crush the Mumbai fans. But this was later n removed as it was considered not fair to the icon players. 5. Packaging of the event * In 2010, Google (the company which runs You Tube) wanting to grow the online video market in India, knew that it had to try to grab a share of the TV eyeballs and therefore IPL became the first sporting event ever to be broadcast live on YouTube in association with Indiatimes. * Players from all over the world played alongside Indian players and BCCI made sure that the event got the international recognition and provided the financial backing it needed. The television rights for IPL are with Sony Entertainment television network and World Sport Group (Singapore), they broadcasted the matches the auction etc well. * The media hype was maintained throughout and there were a number of creative ads which popularized the promo of IPL every season. The ads covered different segments of people and had a tinge of humor but they all conveyed the single thought of cricket entertainment to all segments. * Complete use of social media: YouTube, twitter, FaceBook, Wikiped ia and online page. Conclusion: Purists may say that IPL is not cricket, and they may be right. For IPL marketed as the ‘Entertainment ka Baap’ is not just cricket but glamour, fun, sports and experience all rolled into one and for once the promise was delivered. References: 1. http://blog. abhinav. com/dlf-ipl-%E2%80%93-a-lesson-in-marketing-and-branding/ 2. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Indian_Premier_League#History 3. http://marketerskaleidoscope. com/2010/03/the-real-story-about-why-youtubes-streaming-the-ipl-cricket-tournament/ 4. http://marketingteacher. com/swot/indian-premier-league-swot. html How to cite The Ipl Was Well Marketed, Papers

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Technology Vs. No Technology Essays - Online Chat, Text Messaging

Life Unplugged Technology plays a major role for all societies in today?s world. It helps us acquire knowledge through the internet. It entertains us in the form of video games and movies. It persuades us to buy through online advertisements and commercials. It does simple things for us like clean as a vacuum. It transports us as cars. It even captures life?s most precious moments in the form of a camera. But what if we, people in a technologically dependent world, were to ?unplug? ourselves for a day? How would our day change if we were to not use any electronics at all? In an attempt to find out just how much electronics impact our lives, and to satisfy my College Writing professor, I went one day without using any electronic device to the best of my ability. First, I will describe my day with electronics. I start by having the alarm clock on my cell phone wake me up to get ready for classes. I?ll usually use either the toaster or oven to prepare breakfast, and already start texting. I?ll either drive myself to class, or one of my parents will drop me off. I attend all my classes, texting throughout the day, until 2:00 PM (on most days) where I will drive myself home or be picked up by my parents. At home, I will watch TV, browse the internet, play video games, or chat with friends through the computer. I will do my homework, eat dinner, talk on the phone, and go to bed. The process is enough to keep my entertained and satisfied throughout the week. In contrast, my electronic free day proved to be a challenge. I had planned ahead quite a bit in order to make this day run as smoothly as possible. I had requested a Saturday off of work so I would be free of both class and work. I had also set a time to meet with my girlfriend, Jessica, at 3:00 PM, so that way we did not have to text. I woke up at about 10:30 AM to the sun shining through my windows. I sat up in bed and instinctively grabbed my phone. Fortunately, I quickly remembered what I was not supposed to be doing today, and placed the phone out of sight. I crawled out of bed, and ventured out into the kitchen, and was already surprised at how I felt. I truly felt as if I were naked. I had no phone in my pocket. It shocked me at how strange I felt about it. I wondered, does my phone really have that big of an impact on my daily life that even walking to another room without it causes me to feel completely off? I pushed the thought away and prepared a bowl of cereal, since it did not require any technology (other than the refrigerator to keep the milk from spoiling) to prepare. After eating the bowl of cereal and showering, I stopped. It was only 11:30. I still had to endure 3 and a half hours before I could depend on another person to keep me entertained. I tried studying (the first time I have ever studied on a Saturday) but, unsurprisingly, it did not entertain me. I did the homework that was due on Monday, and still had an hour to go. This was the longest and most dismal hour of my life, as time dragged on, and the weekend?s work was completed.